Jayamalini, Southern Sex Symbol

Jayamalini in a old vintage black and white photo.

Jayamalini, the yester years dance girl, was one of the most sexiest dancer of South Indian films, mainly caberet dances. She has an amazing body and she usually wears her saree well below navel which makes her more sexy and an she also has an amazing posterior which can drive men out of their mind totally. Her daughter, Rambha, a famous star of Tamil film industry, has followed in her mother’s footstep.

Jayamalini is well exposed in numerous Telugu and Tamil and Malayalam Films and many of the videos are available on YouTube.
Bikini/Swim suits:Gammatthu Goodacharulu (Telugu)
Radhamma Mogudu (Telugu) –Close ups in bikini
Nanna Devaru (Kannada) –Swim suit
Pratiphala (Kannada) –Long close ups of Swim costume
Exposed in: (All the movies she danced in)Edhu Namma Ooru (Tamil)
Ennai Paar Enn Azlagai Paar (Tamil)
Ganam Kortaar Avargale (Tamil)
Jigu Jigu Rail (Tamil)
Lorry Driver Raja Kannu (Tamil)
Vallibamae Vaa…Vaa (Tamil)
Chal Mohana Ranga (Telugu) –Closeup of B’s in song
Jaganmohini (Telugu)
Vetagadu (Telugu) –In song
Aids (Malayalam) –Cabaret; bedroom scenes
Karu Naagam (Malayalam) –Cabaret; bedroom
Mahisa Sura Marthini (Malayalam) –Cabaret followed by bedroom scenes
Wet dresses
Annadammula Saval (Telugu) –In wet half saree
Konte Kapuram (Telugu) –In a song.

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